The Andean Alliance for Sustainable Development, Alianza Andina, is a US-certified 501c3 non-profit with a social enterprise model supporting agriculture initiatives in campesino farming communities and providing experiential learning opportunities in Peru.

Our Mission

Harnessing collective intelligence to support community-led development in the highlands of Peru.

Agriculture Initiatives

Our work with campesino communities includes greenhouse construction, capacity-building, and on-site workshops and trainings that focus on agroecological methodology. We collaborate with the Ecohuella Farm, a local multi-generational, organic farm, to host a variety of hands-on agriculture workshops and networking events for campesinos.

Experiential Learning

 All of our programs foster cultural understanding and connections between participants and the communities we work with. Some programs provide valuable research that help support local development. Other programs work directly in communities. Revenue from experiential learning programs helps fund our agriculture initiatives and day-to-day operations.

Agriculture Initiatives

Sustainability. Collective Intelligence. Respect. Ownership.

In 2021, the AASD started a new project alongside farmers from the Lacco Valley, culminating in the creation of a new coffee coop and brand, Café Orígenes. The AASD developed LVI and helped farmers organize in the form of a coop to support farmers in mitigating the effect of pests and plagues and maximizing their economic potential through commercialization. LVI is growing quickly, and coffee from this project is now available with select roasters in the US.

All projects are identified and designed in conjunction with the communities, according to their needs and realities. Our current focus is greenhouse construction and training related to greenhouse cultivation for campesino families. In the harsh growing climates of the Andes, greenhouses allow campesino farmers to grow a wide variety of vegetables year-round, supplementing their diets and providing valuable income through sales.

The Ecohuella farm is an organic, self-sustaining demonstration farm focused on the exchange of campesino farmers’ experiences and knowledge. Founded and led by a campesino family, the farm provides hands-on trainings and workshops that respect the Quechua language, local learning styles, and traditions.

Our Agriculture Project Partners

Experiential Learning

Collective Intelligence. Relevance. Meaningful Exchange. Humility. Critical Reflection.

Explore Our Experiential Learning

Our experiential learning programs enable us to support community projects and also give participants the opportunity to connect with locals in campesino communities. We usually partner with faculty or program providers to offer academic and service-learning focused programs. Discover the variety of our experiential learning programs that are easily customized. We make sure that all of the logistics are covered when you experience a transformational program with us in Peru.

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