“AASD defines success through impact, and our projects are both successful and sustainable because we remain accountable to the unique needs of each community.”

Aaron EbnerExecutive Director, AASD

Programmatic Achievements

Over the past three years, we have made significant headway in the development of our programs in Peru. As our programs continue to grow and evolve, we hope to continue sharing our successes with our amazing support network, the professional students who contribute so much to our progress, and above all, with the communities in which we work. These main accomplishments include:

  • 8  school greenhouses running at full capacity in 4 highland communities
  • Completion of a summer-long nutrition and cooking classes in 2 communities, Poques and Pampacorral
  • Completion of one full textile capacitation workshop for the women’s weaving group in Choquecancha
  • Creation of our INKACase line including a pilot round of international sales
  • 2 conferences held among the NGO Network participants
  • Completion of one Photo Project with students in Pampacorral in Summer 2011
  • Creation and sale of calendars featuring photos taken by students in the photo project
  • In 2011 alone, we facilitated over 12,000 hours of professional graduate volunteer hours

Organizational Achievements