The AASD offers a Biointensive Farm Apprenticeship at the Demonstration Farm in Calca. The apprenticeship is a unique opportunity to learn firsthand about biointensive growing and immediately put your knowledge into practice on the farm. Apprentices work closely with AASD staff learning about the theory and practices of biointensive farming. Apprentices will start the day with a basic overview of a key biointensive principle and spend the rest of the afternoon putting their  growing toolset of principles into practice, directly contributing to the development of the AASD’s farm.

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Standard Biointensive Apprenticeship: This package includes an apprenticeship for a minimum time period of one month. Apprentices will spend the first month training in and applying the biointensive principles. AASD encourages interested apprentices to continue on beyond the first month. This entails working at the farm on a specific project to take the biointensive practices deeper and working to develop the farm in a more targeted manner. The expanded experience includes working with the broader array of ecological practices AASD utilizes on the farm. Interested parties should contact AASD directly at to discuss a tailored package and price.

Certificate Program Participants: Participants in AASD’s Certificate in Training in Sustainable Agriculture and Development are invited to spend an additional two weeks furthering their experience with this opportunity on the Demonstration Farm. This option is offered for an additional fee. Applicants should indicate their interest in the final question of the online application form for the certificate followed by an inquiry email to



Why Biointensive?

Biointensive farming is the primary technique used on the farm due to its appropriateness to small scale farming and the indigenous farming communities with whom AASD works. Biointensive is an appropriate method for any ecological farmer or gardener. It is an efficient and low-cost method, promoting space maximization, resource conservation, and minimal external inputs. All AASD agriculture staff are experience with the method. The agriculture staff trained with the founders of the biointensive method and have applied the method on the farm and in all of the AASD community-based agriculture projects.

Learning Beyond Biointensive

Apprentices will gain exposure to much more than biointensive principles and practices while working on the Demonstration Farm. The farm is a space for experimentation and fusion of different principles of sustainable agriculture. Thus, apprentices will gain experience with natural and local methods for soil fertility and pest control, permaculture, biodynmamic farming, traditional Incan cultivation techniques, agroecology, terraced farming, sustainable beekeeping, greenhouse cultivation, raising chickens, and more. Apprentices will understand how to fuse and adapt principles to make them relevant to the culture and geography of a particular region.