The AASD established a demonstration farm in late January of 2012 to increase its impact on food sovereignty in the Sacred Valley of Peru and surrounding Andean farming communities. AASD uses the space to experiment with  sustainable cultivation techniques, resulting in a fusion of traditional and modern ecological growing practices.

AASD adapts and fuses practices from various schools of ecological agriculture including agroecology, biointensive farming, permaculture, greenhouse growing, local soil fertility methods, and more. The resulting methods are adapted to be geographically and culturally relevant. All methods utilize local, low cost resources, making innovative ecological cultivation techniques accessible to local farmers.

The farm is a collaborative space where AASD holds various types of workshops adapted to the intended audience. Participants range from individuals from the communities in which AASD works with family greenhouses to local farmers interested in ecological practices. AASD intends to expand the offerings to a broader range of individuals interested in ecological agriculture. In accordance with the collaborative nature of this space, workshops are designed to stimulate knowledge sharing between participants. It is hoped that feedback regarding the application of lessons learned will cycle back to the demonstration farm and its community, re-invigorating approaches, informing the design of workshops, deepening an understanding of best practices, and creating a dialogue among different stakeholders.

Join us on the Farm!

Work on the farm: We offer internships and volunteer opportunities throughout the year. Contact us if you are interested in getting involved at

Visit the space: In the Sacred Valley? Come take a look around the farm. Just let us know when you will be coming through.

Buy Fresh Veggies: We offer fresh, organic vegetables weekly. Pick form your choice of crisp leaf lettuce mixes, tomatoes, fresh herbs, swiss chard, beets, kale, zucchini, spinach, corn, hot peppers, cucumbers, and more.