We all Need to Eat

Imagine if you had rely on someone else to get you some food every time you were hungry. I, for one, would be a very hungry angry person without control over how I accessed food. But people all over the world struggle to gain autonomy over their food systems, often relying on external aide, such as government food supplements.

Food systems and human well-being are inextricably bound. For this reason, securing sustainable food systems is a hot topic in the world of development. At the AASD, we’re working towards local solutions for advancing food sovereignty in the highlands of Peru (among other projects). We envision sustainable food systems as those that:

  •  enable individuals to gain autonomy over their systems of food production
  • sustain and even increase the health of the environment

How do We Achieve This?

AASD works to fuse the most relevant methods and philosophies from many schools of ecological agriculture (i.e. organic, agreocolgy, permaculture, biointensive) in order to find the most effective manner in which to work the land. Effectiveness is determined by available resources, cultural norms, and the goals we are trying to achieve with the subsistence farmers we collaborate with. We strive to increase access to food diversity through a fusion of old and new technologies. The hope is that individuals will be the drivers of their own nutritious food systems, and one day may even be able to sell and share the fruits of their labor. We’re delving deep into a region while simultaneously connecting these remote farmers with the global movement for food sovereignty. Pretty exciting! Stay tuned for more nitty gritty on how we put our philosophy into practice.

Most importantly, we need your feedback: What type of things can AASD do to share our localized work with the global movement for sustainable food systems? ~Kat

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