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Seed saving is a hot topic around the world. Growers and consumers alike are rebelling against the seed monopoly that comes hand in hand with industrial agriculture. They are rejecting the role of genetically modified seeds that require agrochemicals to properly propagate. The biggest qualm centers on the idea of the terminator gene found in many modified seeds sold by big agriculture companies such as Monsanto, Cargill, and Dupont. Growers are unable to save seeds from such seeds, as they are genetically modified in such a way that the next generation of seeds will not produce. The debate over the ethics of such a seed is nothing new. But as more and more people across the world turn to an alternative agriculture path, supporting food systems that are ecological and healthy both for humans and the environment, they too have begun to speak up more about control over seeds. The movement is well underway to promote open-pollinated varieties  to foster seed saving and seed exchanges. That’s why the new Community Seed Toolkit, a joint undertaking by Vandana Shiva‘s organization, Seed Matters and the International Recue Committee’s New Roots program, is worth checking out. It makes it easier than ever to share and create a thriving seed exchange in your own community. Pretty exciting!

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