Often our farm updates focus just on the work we do within the physical space of the farm. But there’s much more to the demo farm project than just that. With our recent ecological certification, we’re starting to look more towards markets for selling our produce. For about the last year, on and off we’ve attended local, ecological ferias on the weekend where producers join together to sell vegetables and products such as honey, jams, grains, etc.

Through these markets we began to realize that there are a handful of motivated ecological/organic producers looking for even more robust outlets for their products. Some of these producers aren’t even selling in the ecoferias at all. That’s where the agriculture team of Team Peru comes in. They’re working with us to see if there is a more robust market for such producers (including ourselves) and if so, what models make the most sense (i.e. selling to restaurants, weekly veggie boxes, a local market stand, etc.). As we explore the possibilities, AASD and Team Peru are continuing to attend ecoferias and talk to as many people as possible from the suppliers to the consumers and everyone in between.

To really get what’s going on Team Peru has decided to spend some days working on AASD’s farm just to get a feel for what it really means to be a small, ecological producer in the Sacred Valley of Peru. After all that writing and thinking, the crew really enjoyed getting out and putting in some hard work at the farm. Check our the album on facebook for more photos of Team Peru out and about.


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