With all this talk about mulch and ecological agriculture practices, it’s easy to get caught up in the mumbo jumbo of the things we do (… uh-hem, which we love). As with many agricultural systems around the world, Peru’s food system and landscape has been shaped by generations upon generations of farmers. The most well-known, the Incas, were masters of their harsh climate, utilizing local resources to create micro-climates and complicated irrigation systems. They were also intimately connected with the land and mother earth (or “Pachamama” as they say in Quechua). The spirituality – the delicate give and take – of people with nature and it’s a balance still remains an integral part of life.

In the Socially Speaking series, we will talk about the human side of agriculture – the people, their customs and practices, and their spiritual connectedness. We’ll also tell you about local agriculture movements and what’s going on in this region of the world in comparison with other global movements.

So, are you ready? It’s time to get personal.


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