Chris Miller, an awesome AASD intern, is pictured above. Chris is checking out what greenhouse owners are growing in their structures for the family greenhouse initiative in Maucau. This June, AASD worked alongside 15 families to roof small greenhouses attached to the side of their homes. These lean-to like structures are packed full with nutritious veggies. By being on the side of the house, they have the potential to help heat the house as the rock walls cool off at night. Pretty neat!

The women of the family attend the regular workshops to learn more about ecological growing, greenhouse growing, and space maximization. On this particular day, our agriculture team was out collecting information for evaluating the progress of the project as well as looking at what plants were in place. Our upcoming workshop was on crop rotation, so Chris is assessing what’s ready for harvest in order to address an appropriate crop rotation plan for each greenhouse. The goal was to make the workshop real time and interactive – so we had to know who was growing what.

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