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Yep, we have a new blog right on our website! You may ask yourself, “What is Ecological agricultural development?” The short answer is: We don’t know. Nobody does for sure. The processes by which individuals advance their autonomy over their food systems depends, whether ecologically or not, so heavily on local factors. Despite these intricacies each local instance is simultaneously tied into a larger global process of agricultural development.

As we get deeper into our localized node of Andean agriculture over here, we want to share our beliefs, findings, and stories. We want to put our big questions out there and to hear what you all are thinking about this too. We hope you enjoy undertaking this exploration with us!

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  1. Cheryl
    Cheryl says:

    When you say, “ecologically or not”, what is involved in the “ecological” part? In other words, what makes something “ecological”? And while we’re at it, what’s the difference between ecological and sustainable? Enlighten me, please.

    I am very excited to take this exploration.

  2. Andean Alliance for Sustainable Development
    Andean Alliance for Sustainable Development says:

    When we say ecological on this site, we mean whether or not someone is using growing practices that support natural biological cycles. This means not growing food with agro-chemicals. It means using practices that support, harness, and even improve natural biological cycles. An example of this is using natural, local materials such as compost for improving soil quality, rather than purchasing chemically produced fertilizers. The compost process builds soil quality with a mix of nutrients over time rather than providing a quick fix input of one or two nutrients for a specific crop.

    Ecological agriculture is a form of sustainable agriculture. Sustainable agriculture is a more holistic term which encompasses broader issues, such as the socio-political side of an agricultural system. Ecological agriculture is more focused on the immediate interaction with the land.

    Thanks for joining our exploration! What other type of ag info would you like to hear about from AASD?


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