It’s a Story of Empowerment…

…a spark that ignites a flame, a one-time investment providing the tools a family needs to not just survive, but thrive.
The Family Greenhouse initiative grew from our School Greenhouses in Pampacorral. As kids told their parents about the fresh veggies, families wanted to access this great potential. So the AASD teamed up with them; they build the adobe and rock walls of their greenhouse, and we supply the plastic for the roof. After roofing, we stay involved with the community, providing trainings in vegetable cultivation to ensure long-lasting success.
We collaborate with local governments to provide these materials and trainings because coordinating our efforts leads to sustainability. Together we are stronger, smarter, and more capable. We work together with communities, schools, governments, NGOs, students, faculty, and more, globally and locally, to improve the lives of everyone involved. For example, when we face challenges along the way, we tap into the creative power of students and faculty to generate an innovative solution.
The real heroes in this story are the families who organize, build, maintain, and thrive from these investments. That’s why this is a story of empowerment. After construction and training, while we still pop in on the families from time to time, further progress is in the hands of the campesinos themselves. It isn’t long before they begin reinvesting in expansion for a greater amount and diversity of crops. Once the seed is planted and takes a firm hold, there are no limits to its growth and development.
If you don’t believe us, take a community member’s words for it: “The communities are tied to the land, but there is a lot of malnutrition, how can we survive? Maybe a greenhouse can improve the situation. So it’s really important these other forms of working the land. To have a local center of production is great.”
Or an observer, a student from the U.S. “Watching the campesinos work together to build the gh of their neighbor before their own is inspiring and exemplary – all the while cracking jokes and having a good time at it. That sort of work style and ethic is something to be appreciated, learned form, and emulated”