January-term (J-Term) program


We know not everyone who wants to learn and contribute can spend a summer or semester with us here in Peru, so in order to take advantage of winter breaks, AASD created the January(J-term) program as a crash course in community development. J-term is based on the same educational and impact principles as our summer programs, but compressed. We transform inexperienced students into competent actors through an intensive, challenging and highly rewarding experience. This transformation is guided by experienced professionals, faculty, and administrators.


To maximize the time, we focus on one thematic area, (gender, agriculture, or research, for example) and explore its intricacies in depth. During a J-Term program, students participate in workshops, activities and guest lectures designed to present a topic from diverse perspectives and encourage critical reflection. The hands -on application of these skills allows students to understand and internalize lessons to a greater degree than can be achieved in a classroom.


In addition to learning and practicing technical skills, the AASD curriculum encourages participants to think critically about their role as global citizens. Students who work with the AASD take this experience back to their classrooms and the academic community at large, enriching the rest of their time on campus, as well as the perspectives’ of their colleagues and class discussions.


We can’t overlook what a great backdrop the Peruvian Andes provides for this experience. During your 3 weeks, you’ll spend time exploring ancient Incan ruins like Machu Picchu, hiking, white water rafting, or a plethora of other recreational activities. The AASD J-Term is an international experience like none other, filled with a robust curriculum, invaluable field experience, and unforgettable adventures. You won’t get more bang for your buck anywhere else, so check out upcoming opportunities and other information.