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“An influx of independent NGOs has created community dependence on outside assistance” –Katie Willis


Achieve a positive impact in indigenous communities by increasing the level of responsible, community led development projects.

Although well intentioned, sometimes actors within the social sector can have a negative impact.  For example, when communities have too much access to outside assistance, it can create a dependency that alleviates them from taking responsibility of their own development.  Also, many of these actors do not communicate, collaborate, or share information.  This can lead to the repetition of projects, an influx of NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) in the same community, and entire communities being ignored when it is possible they are the ones most in need of an outside intervention.

This project connects all social actors in the Sacred Valley, including NGOs, local governments, and community representatives.  Its intention is to build a strong network amongst all of these actors in order to increase collaboration and have a greater impact in the communities where we work.  All participants play an active role in organizing conferences, hosting site visits, and designing workshops to help bring value to the network and all those who are part of it.