The AASD uses innovative solutions to alleviate the effects of poverty, marginalization, and social injustices that hinder community development and well-being. We connect motivated change agents and resources to design informed solutions to address the local problems in the highlands of Peru. We engage other social change organizations to build capacity and foster collaboration. We also partner with graduate institutions to maintain an innovative approach. Most importantly, the AASD works alongside indigenous communities to facilitate the realization of a healthy and prosperous future.

Theory of Change

The AASD collaborates with a variety of partners to creatively design impactful solutions.  We utilize research and design, crowd sourcing, bridging resources, capacity building, and monitoring and evaluation.  Our programs promote immersive learning and innovation. We implement sustainable projects that create economic opportunity and promote good community health while preserving unique cultural characteristics. Indicators of success include an engaged nongovernmental organizational sector, a significant reduction in malnutrition, an increase in family income, improved food security, and a significant increase in student academic performance at partner schools. These indicators signal that the community and individuals are thriving.

An Immersive Learning Experience

Team Peru has become a movement that allows for students to make the most of their education, while simultaneously having a positive impact on people’s lives.  In conjunction with the Andean Alliance for Sustainable Development, students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a professional environment that caters to his or her particular academic area of focus.  Based on each individual’s knowledge, interests, and passion, each participant is assigned to a project where, as a group, they are encouraged to take full ownership and responsibility of the planning and implementation of that project.  Leaders are there to assist and facilitate this process.

Bridging Relationships

The Andean Alliance for Sustainable Development and Team Peru does not believe in executing projects in the communities where we work; rather, we believe in facilitating that process.  The most important component of our projects is that they are community driven and participatory.  This is only possible once a relationship based on trust has been formed between Team Peru and community members.  Once that trust has been established, Team Peru works together with community members to design and execute projects that cater to the unique needs and strengths of each community. This process allows for Team Peru participants to become fully engaged in a particular project, while also allowing for community members to take ownership of their projects, which leads to a successful and sustainable outcome.

Balancing Strengths and Weaknesses

Every organization has areas in which it excels, and conversely, areas that could be improved.  In order to address this imbalance and operate at the highest level of efficiency, Team Peru and the Andean Alliance emphasizes the importance of partnerships.  We believe in building relationships with other organizations in order to leverage each other’s strengths and balance out those weaknesses.  These relationships allow for an exchange of knowledge, skills, relationships, and general best practices that not only allows for exponentially higher levels of efficiency, but higher levels of impact as well.  Check out who we partner with here.