Ruben Huaman Quispe, Founder & Board Member

Ruben leads the school and community agriculture projects. He is from Choquecancha, Peru, a remote community where the AASD works. Ruben manages all greenhouse projects and is the lead greenhouse technician for the Andean Alliance. In 2006, Ruben received a scholarship from Universidad Agraria de Molina in Lima (Huerto) to study organic horticulture in the United States with the MESA program. In the United States, Ruben gained valuable experience in maintaining greenhouses, organic gardening, and marketing. In 2007, Ruben met Aaron in Choquecancha before his second MESA experience in the United States. In 2009, Aaron and Ruben reunited to discuss planning initial phases of the greenhouse project. Ruben has taken on a leadership role within the Andean Alliance as the projects expand and wants to continue helping in the poorest communities.