The AASD’s Solidarity Program immerses students in a place-based curriculum that introduces them to the work and life of an international grass-roots NGO. The program’s academic approach enables students to experience the process, the difficulties, and rewards of the development field, and asks them to participate, observe, and respond. While in Peru’s Sacred Valley, students engage in three core areas:


 Projects: Learn how the AASD and local communities are working together by contributing service hours to existing development projects.


 Workshops: Partake in various hands-on activities that demonstrate the culture and life of the communities.


 Discussions: Engage in guided conversations about the past and current state of local communities to generate ideas for the future.


 The Solidarity Program is an opportunity for high school-aged and college-aged youth to test out a field with a focus in international development, social justice, and community empowerment work. We provide a transformational experience for our students through projects, workshops and activities that benefit the local community. Students who participate in the AASD’s Solidarity Program are not volunteers; they are interns who add valuable perspective and contributions to our projects. Students leave the Solidarity Program having participated in the development of local communities, observed cultural traditions and practices, and responded to an immersive experience with ideas for collaborative community-led solutions. Above all, the AASD’s Solidarity Program teaches students the advantages of working in solidarity with diverse groups and gives them the abilities to apply this approach in their future.



Price Per Participant 6 Day Program


10 Participants $1,335.32
20 Participants $1,104.16
30 Participants $1,027.12

*Pricing is based on the number of participants and is all-inclusive with the exception of plane tickets to and from Peru. Program requires a minimum of 10 persons.

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Solidarity Program