AASD Student Consultants



Just as the AASD was founded by graduate students, we continue to offer the opportunity for graduate students to use their education to advance community causes. Contrary to typical internships with a slew of menial tasks, the AASD’s student colleagues are considered an integral part of the staff, and they fulfil crucial roles to progress the development of the organization. Consulting with the AASD will add value to your education through the practical application of the skills and tools learned in the classroom, while also achieving impact. Our school greenhouses, family greenhouses, and solidarity programs were all created and implemented as a partnership between consultants, the AASD, and communities.


In this program, the AASD and consultant co-design their position based on the needs of the organization and communities, and the interest and skills of the applicant. Even though the AASD continues in a mentoring role, we expect student colleagues to be independent and take ownership of their role in the organization. We find that passionate colleagues thrive in this environment, and push the organization to remain innovative and accountable through the critical perspective they bring to their work.


Consulting with the AASD is a culminating educational experience and a foray into the professional realm. You will be involved in the day-day functioning of the organization, sitting in on weekly meetings and adding insights into areas outside your specialization. More than this, you will become part of our family; taking part in group dinners, joining us on hikes through the mountains, or weekend trips to the jungle or the beach. I guarantee you will not have a more useful or fun internship.