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The AASD utilizes the special skills of volunteers to push our organization to remain innovative and accountable to the communities with which we work. However, volunteering with the AASD is quite different than many other volunteer opportunities. It is difficult work in difficult conditions, so this volunteer experience is not for everyone.

What type of volunteer are we looking for?

We typically accept the seasoned traveler, someone who is independent and is a self-motivator. Calca is a relatively quiet town with little outside influence, so a volunteer must be able to entertain themselves. We also seek individuals with agriculture, social enterprise, or international development experience in order to directly contribute to our projects. Spanish language skills are important, although not mandatory.

Are there volunteer fees?

Volunteers must be able to support their own living and travel expenses. There is a volunteer fee for each individual that is calculated based on the skill set, duration of time, and project involvement. The more advanced and relative the skill and the longer duration of time spent with the AASD, the lower the volunteer fee. Fees are used to support the administrative and logistical costs of having volunteers as well as the day-to-day operations of the development projects.

With all that said, volunteering with the AASD is a rewarding experience that you will cherish. In addition to making a difference for the lives of indigenous people in the region, you will learn about our development philosophies, which are being replicated throughout the Sacred Valley. It is truly a unique experience.

If you think you’d be a good fit for the AASD or would like further information, email us at TheAndeanAlliance@gmail.com. Please provide a brief overview of your interested project and what special skills may fit well with the project.