Goal: Foster an empowering environment for the women’s group of Choquecancha that offers them voice, economic vitality, and the preservation of their traditional textiles.

The INKAcase product line consists of protective laptop and tablet cases made from traditional Peruvian textiles. These textiles are hand-woven and use only natural materials, such as sheep and alpaca wool as well as natural plant dyes. The INKAcase takes old world craftwork and creatively pairs it with modern utility.

We currently work with Wiñay Warmi, a women’s weaving group located outside of Lares, Peru in a community called Choquecancha. The weaving group consists of 18 ladies that range in age and regularly come together to share knowledge and resources weaving. They partake in community savings and through this process they hope to purchase their own flock of sheep after a devastating epidemic wiped them out in 2011.

We also work with Rufada Perú, a Peruvian NGO based in Urubamba and the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Rufada Perú has ample experience working with traditional textiles in the high-Andean communities of the Urubamba District and has much experience in educating these communities, as well. Rufada Perú is continuously researching innovative projects to implement that achieve sustainable empowerment for these communities. If you wish to participate in Rufada Perú’s initiatives, please email

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