The Becky Fund: The AASD and Team Peru owe a great deal to the Becky Fund. The Becky Fund is a small organization run by Diana Bomberg in honor of her daughter Becky Prichard. Becky lived and worked in the Sacred Valley, dedicating herself to the schools and children living and learning in the Andes. Becky passed away in 2003, her mother turned this tragedy into an opportunity to continue helping the children that Becky so deeply cared for. The Becky Fund has supported Aaron Ebner’s projects since 2006 and has been instrumental in the evolution of the AASD and Team Peru. Becky’s legacy lives on through our work and we are proud to work in Becky’s honor.

RUFADA PERU: We work together with Rufada and the women’s weaving group in Choquecancha  to offer capacity building workshops for improving the quality of their textiles. Together we hope to help the women improve market access and their livelihoods by selling higher quality goods at a better price

Holanda Peru: Together, we co-designed and now maintain/manage our Poques greenhouse project in the Sacred Valley. Holanda Peru also works with us to support our greenhouse technician Ruben Quispe.

District government of Lares: The government of Lares works with AASD to support our greenhouse projects by garnering the support of communities in the region, providing transportation and some material resources.

Multinational Exchange for Sustainable Agriculture (MESA): We work with MESA to host US students of agroecology through MESA’s CITA program. We also work with several local Peruvian agriculturalists who trained on farms in the United Sates through  MESA’s sustainable agricultural stewardship program.

Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS): We work closely with graduate students from MIIS studying international development and organizational management. We enable students to apply their knowledge and skills in a way that significantly contributes to our programs. Students and AASD staff coordinate directly with MIIS students and faculty to design mutually valuable projects that add value to the culture and learning processes offered at MIIS.

International Education Management: As a Learning Partner in two core, semester-long IEM classes–Marketing and Recruiting and Design and Assessment– AASD has provided students with real-world scenarios to which they can apply international education theory and best practices. AASD has also served as a host for IEM practicum students, who are able to expand on prior students’ work and explore new areas of interest while experiencing the warmth and wisdom of the Andean communities.Both the organization and the students have benefited from the partnership: Students get hands-on, practical experience working with a grassroots service-learning provider and AASD is able to utilize the knowledge of soon-to-be professionals in the field.

Supporters supports the Andean Alliance for Sustainable Development by offering discounted printing services for our photo projects. By contributing to the Andean Alliance, is promoting a project that allows indigenous children to express themselves through photography.