Will Troy, Agriculture and Education Program Manager

Growing up around the farms and forests of Eastern Massachusetts, Will has always felt in awe of natural systems and the people who work with them. After receiving his Bachelor’s in Anthropology from Colorado College in 2011, Will spent five years managing organic vegetable farms around the US, where he cultivated a deep love for the philosophy and lifestyle of organic farming. In 2017, Will moved West in order to pursue a Master’s in Public Administration from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies in Monterey, California. Now working his dream job at the AASD, Will pinches himself every day that he gets to work in such an amazing place with such a fantastic group of dedicated, passionate people. When not farming or furiously typing away in the office, you can find Will hiking, surfing, or attempting to speak Quechua.

Email Will: will@alianzaandina.org